Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Tips to hire a perfect party DJ

Whether it is a Night, day, a friend’s birthday or school reunion, there is one person who is the heart and soul of the party. Yes it’s the DJ. Catering, lights and decorations are important, but it's the music which brings the life to a party. No party is complete without a presence of an amazing DJ. Therefore getting the best DJ for your party must be on top of your list. The task at hand is not as easy as it seems. One wrong choice and all the memories of the beautiful day will be about how bad the party was.
There are a few points you need to keep in mind before booking the DJ to rock your party.
  • Know What Kind of DJ will be perfect for your party - To decide on what type of DJ you want, it is very important to know what kind of party theme you are hosting. For a marriage party, a house or EDM DJ will not be appropriate. If you are hosting a bachelor party or a reunion then it is the best type of Dj. Once you are sure of the kind of party, find a DJ who plays music to your preference and your party will definitely be a hit. 

  • Playlist - The songs that will be played at your party will be the soul of the party. Ask the DJ for the song list that the DJ would be playing and if the list is not what you had in your mind, create a list of your own and try to work out things with the DJ. As it is your money and your party, so the music should be what you and your guests enjoy.

  • Prefer a team rather than a single DJ - Instead of hiring a DJ who works alone, prefer one who works with or as team. Even if the DJ gets sick or something happens in the last minute because of which the dj will not be able to make it to the party, the Dj would have a team of backup so your party will not be compromised. 

  • Background research - Before hiring any DJ, do some background search on the Dj hire company. Ask previous clients if they were satisfied with their work, and if it is possible to try and attend one of the gigs that the Dj is playing to see if this is the perfect DJ for you. Also check the rates beforehand to avoid any problem in the future.   
  • Contracts And other formalities - After deciding on which DJ you need in your party, finalizing the contracts and rates is the next important step. Make sure you sign the contract on the terms and conditions that you agree so you have a peaceful party without any conflicts.
After taking care of these few points, you are all set to hire a perfect DJ for your party. After so much of work researching for the DJ, you definitely deserve to chill and enjoy your own party.

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